On Tuesday Protein took over the Vinyl Factory space in Soho to hold our annual Audience Briefing. Acting as a presentation of the findings from our in-depth, insight report, the Protein Audience Survey 2013 the day saw a wide variety of brands, marketeers and tastemakers being treated to the information gleaned from the extensive survey we conducted earlier this year.

As well the presentation from our specialist insight team, attendees were treated to a host of workshops that each reflected a trend that we'd uncovered in the survey. From headline mashing poster workshop, Out of Print, Raphael Pluvinage's musical pudding workshop Noisy Jelly, to an experimental cocktail display from Kamm & Sons and a hands-on, jewellery making session with the Suitcase Foundry guests were able to get to grips with several examples of trends highlighted in our survey.

The most prominent trends in question included:
- Tangibility: Consumers' are looking for an alternative to strictly digital, non-physical experiences.
- Tailored Stories: Creators are looking at new, unconventional ways of constructing narratives and engaging the consumer.
- Ltd Stories: Due to information overloads, consumers are keen to minimise and simplify their engagement with brands.
- Serendipity: Consumers are rejecting the order and predictability of modern life and looking to add an element of spontaneity into things.

Delicious milk-steamed pork buns, provided by Bao London and a plentiful supply of Grey Goose cocktails also meant that everyone was very well fed and watered throughout the day.