Developed by the founder of Gelderland Valoriseer, Christiaan Holland teamed up with fashion designer Pauline Van Dongen and solar-panel specialist Gertjan Jongerden, for a new line of wearable technology that seeks to make garments that are as appealing to behold as they are to use. Currently, the team's prototypes, a coat and a dress, are made up of wool and leather and feature solar-panel flaps that open up during sunlight and close when not in use, capturing energy that can be used to charge personal devices.

Van Dongen, who designed the concept understands that fashion designers can't be placed in to one box. “As a fashion designer, working in the field of technology, I see the importance of an interdisciplinary approach. In order to achieve innovation in fashion, it is essential to connect different industries and fields of expertise.”

Like Ray Ban's Sharma Shades project we featured recently, its interesting to see more designers creating clothing that is both wearable and functional.