Have you ever tried to follow an event on Twitter using hashtags but found the experience too disjointed? Too snippety? Vycarious, a new social media app for iOS, is looking to make that a thing of the past by allowing users to share their experiences more effectively. Planning a holiday, for example? Invite your friends to follow along and be updated with any photos and other relevant content your want to share.

Starting with a description of the experience, then adding a lead photo or video and selecting a start date and time, users can upload posts, videos and photos until the experience ends. The result is a media-rich, fleshed out narrative that enables followers to feel included. Hashtags make the experience searchable, and followers can comment and ask questions of the experience – even after the experience has ended.    

With travel and DIY communities the first to embrace Vycarious, other uses for the app are sure to catch on quickly. Brands, in particular, might find it a valuable platform to engage with their audiences.

With social media such a core part of our lives now, it's interesting to see that new ideas and tweaks to the traditional models are still coming.