Located in Kreuzberg, one of Berlin’s creative cores, a contemporary urban art collective have inhabited and transformed a versatile multi-storey plot formerly occupied by a grocery store. Neu West Berlin, founded by Matthias Crause and Patrice Lux , is a unique, multifaceted venue with each interior a hybrid of artistic, culinary and musical form.

In the basement there’s a music venue curated by multimedia design collective Liquid Sky Berlin. Called, The Institute for Urban Decay, the venue promises nights filled with intrigue and decadence.
While up the stairs, in honour of the legendary West Berlin Paris Bar, where the artist Martin Kippenberger would pay off bar and food tabs in exchange for pieces from his prolific portfolio,  Crause and Lux have permitted the practice also.

Much of the space is an homage to pre-1980s Berlin, seen by Crause and Lux as a vital period of development in the art scene. Nonetheless, Neu West Berlin is modern: it's interdisciplinary nature and innovative ways of displaying and selling art signal a move to a more inclusive and exciting type of gallery space.