So far, that greatest obstacle standing in the way of wearable technology becoming more widely embraced is the fact that a lot wearable tech isn't all that wearable. Or at least, not the kind of thing the more fashion-conscious amongst us would want to be seen in, regardless of how clever the technology inside it is. However tech brands are gradually starting to embrace the potential of incorporating a little style into their designs.

We recently looked at a collaboration between Lulu Guinness and OMG Life called Archive Eyes, a stylish case for your wearable, 'lifelogging' camera. Now Fitbit, the wearable fitness tracker, are getting into the fashion game by teaming up with fashion designer Tory Burch to produce a range of jewellery with a technological twist.

Both a fitness tracker and a sleep monitor, the range includes a bracelet and a necklace pendent that look far better than the plastic strap most fitness trackers usually resemble.