Experience the next level of gaming, with THE VOID's virtual reality theme park

The world’s first virtual reality theme park is taking gaming to the next level of immersion.   THE VOID allows users to see, move, and feel digital worlds in a completely immersive and realistic way. The experience takes place in Virtual Entertainment Centres (VECs), in which players don a headset and can experience any number of digital worlds within the structures THE VOID is occupying. For example, a player can be transported to a sci-fi scenario with aliens and spaceships, moving through the experience not only virtually but also physically.

THE VOID experience uses custom outfits with haptic vests and gloves in order to let users pick up items, press buttons, and feel everything from simulated bullets to dragon fire bursts. Although currently only in  Salt Lake City, Utah, VECs are set to travel globally in the future.

While the development is first and foremost for gaming, its potential isn’t limited to gaming.  This level of VR immersion could be revolutionary for the wider arts and entertainment sector.  Imagine one of Chris Milk’s or Nonny de la Pena’s documentaries in this kind of format; it has the potential to complete change how we experience film, video and gaming.