A new mobile app lets you trade trainers by swiping left or right

Slang is a new footwear app adopting Tinderโ€™s swipe-right-if-interested-left-if-not model. Never has finding a potential suitor been easier, so why not apply this formula to the world of trainer trading?

Users simply upload images of the trainers, write a description and search for a potential footwear match. They can then swipe left or right until they find a mutual match of equal price point and value. Once matched, users can communicate with each other and see if they want to trade shoes.
Both users then mail their footwear to Slang in a pre-addressed label. Slang takes the process a step further and serves as the middleman between the two parties. Slang and its โ€œsneaker scientistsโ€ inspect each shoe and verify that they are in the condition as described on each usersโ€™ profile. Once verified, Slang mails the two users their new shoes.

Tinder's functionality is certainly revered. Spring is another app that looks a lot like Instagram but lets you buy clothes as easily as liking someone on Tinder. On Spring, users upload their credit card information, sizes, and shipping address and the app stores everything so checkout is a simply a case of swiping left to right.