The Pitchfork Review is the inaugural quarterly publication by Chicago based online music publishers Pitchfork. Founded in 1996, Pitchfork has built itself a reputation for its flawless music journalism. Charged up by its stature as market leader, they have as a result undertaken their first foray into the world of printed press. A bold move, the magazine is billed as a celebration of the eternal and long lasting achievements in music that will be remembered for years to come.

The Pitchfork Review is Pitchfork's most comprehensive documentation of music culture both past and present, and works in tandem with the short-form, 24-hour music news cycle available through their website. Highlights from issue one include long-form interviews and stories, photography, design, cartoon and other ephemera.

Call it nostalgia or a longing for the tangible, Michael Renaud - creative director - states that the magazine arose as the result of a pure love for the craft. Rightly identifying the desire for a physical product, The Pitchfork Review joins The Long Good Read and other new publications in the recent resurgence of traditional long-form format journalism.