Selfridges has teamed up with UK retail design experts Campaign and The Future Laboratory to create a one-off, immersive retail environment, the Fragrance Laboratory, housed on Selfridges' ground floor. Created for the perfume brand Givaudan, the Fragrance Laboratory offers a unique service for shoppers whereby they can purchase a bespoke scent designed to match their individual character.

Complete with cloaked technicians, clean clinical surfaces and an authentic lab feel, the interactive experience seeks to lure shoppers back into the physical space by offering them a uniquely personalised perfume. The process begins with a personality test conducted using a series of multiple choice questions, followed by an interactive journey through the space, designed to engage and stimulate all the senses.

Thinking back to The Peddler, a project by perfumer Barnabe Fillion in which he created a series of 3D printed ceramic tools to dilute and diffuse perfume, The Fragrance Laboratory is yet another inspiring and unusual approach to perfumery and design.