An exciting and futuristic new form of making music has recently come to the fore. Using the Leap Motion Controller, a portable computer input device that senses the user's hand and allows them to have physical control over software, musician Devine Lu Linvega (a.k.a. Aliceffekt), has composed a piece of electronic music using this method. Translating hand movements and gestures into retro-futuristic sounds, he created the full 20-minute ambient album Telekinetic.

He wrote music especially for the control, producing surreal, otherworldly music. "Tired of carrying MIDI controllers with me, I got myself the small Leap Motion device and used it to perform the Telekinetic album," Linvega says on the album's info page. "The device gives me different controls from the usual knobs and pads, allowing me to give 3 dimensional informations to Ableton Live and be closer to actually touching the music."

Linvega debuted the track, live at Indie Dance Party in Tokyo: check out the video above to see how he composes music with Leap Motion. The album is available for free download here.