Exchange Works is a new service that allows you to purchase art with anything but money    Recognising that a lot of people who want art have resources that artists need – such as legal aid, accommodation, equipment and residencies – artists can now be matched with donors offering alternative currencies for their work. ExchangeWorks is a programme that aims to help both emerging artists and budding collectors. Some of the resources on offer as payment for artworks include an upstate NY retreat, risograph printing and a banjo, while artists offering their work include Joelle Baxter, who is looking for instruction on how to use a 4 harness floor loom. The programme has been going for a while, but recently, realising that the travel costs involved in exhibiting can be huge, ExchangeWorks have started Art for Miles: a scheme whereby emerging or mid-career artists can exchange work for airmiles in order to exhibit, create work or conduct research. Artist Brock Enright, for example, is looking to exchange work for a round trip to an Art Fair in Chile. These opportunities are invaluable to emerging artists, but costs can be huge while funding is limited. The organisation aims to provide long-term support to artists while fostering a new generation of collectors, all by using resources readily available to both parties.As people begin to place higher value on time and experiences, a host of businesses are developing new ways to pay your dues. Our At Your Service Observation investigates the concept of Time Banking, a social currency similar to Exchange Work's that allows people to trade their skills with each other without the need for any money to change hands.Still hungry for more? Sign up for our weekly supplement featuring the latest news, profiles, features and innovation