The brainchild of art publishers Tom Viney, and Paul and Marc Sethi, a title inked in gold and a photo of a Miss Piggy Pez dispenser greets readers on the cover. This first issue of Special Request focuses on the theme of food, with each subsequent release looking at another aspect of modern human culture with the aim to, in the words of Tom, β€œlook at the human experience piece by piece; subjecting it to sometimes forensic, sometimes scathing, sometimes terrible analysis from the world’s finest minds.”

Together, essays, short stories, interviews and photo series' look at food in all its forms. Experts such as Margot Henderson and Nuno Mendes have contributed to this inaugural issue, along with Jonathan Meades and his first piece of food writing for over a decade, as well as GZA from the Wu Tang Clan and actors John C Reily and Jessica Ennis discussing their favourite sandwiches. This journal is set to create quite the stir.