A temporary dining event at this year's London Design Festival is going beyond the typical sit-down restaurant experience. Diners at the Secret Sensory Suppers event, taking place at the Andaz hotel, can expect to be provoked, blindfolded and even made to play musical instruments while they eat.

The event has been curated by creative trends consultancy FranklinTill, and will feature three distinct dinners produced by a different culinary artist. Each will take place within the eerie and atmospheric Masonic Temple within the heart of the Andaz hotel building.

Culinary alchemists and renowned jelly mongers Bompas & Parr begin the series with A Visionary Feast For the Senses, which will see guests watch Alejandro Jodorowsky’s cult film Holy Mountain while they tuck into a 70's hotel inspired feast. The second dinner will be produced by Stirring With Knives blogger Caroline Hobkinson, who will invite diners to eat without the use of conventional instruments and, on occasions, completely blindfolded. The final dinner is MaSonis Supper, created by design and music partnership Silent Studios, which will combine audio and food in unexpected ways.

The Secret Sensory Suppers, which will start on 20th September, demonstrates the continued interest people have in provoking and challenging their senses through food experiences. Eating out just isn't what it used to be.