In a sea of digital design and info graphics, Sarah Illenberger's three-dimensional illustrations are a breath of fresh air. The Berlin-based illustrator, who has created visual design for magazines such as Vanity Fair and Wallpaper*, is about to publish her first book containing a selection of her personal projects and commissions.

Illernberger's designs are part-graphic, part-illustration and part-photography. A typical work will involve an arrangement of everyday objects or food, that when photographed, turn into a three-dimensional illustration. Works include a hanging green dress made of been sprouts and brussel sprouts and an illustration of a brain made from two pieces of cauliflower. She's turned her vision to data visualisations, producing bar charts made from trimmed vegetables stood upright and different coloured Post-it notes stacked in a pile. And she's also been commissioned by brands such as sports brand Nike, for whom she created a giant Dunk hi-top shoe made from white plastic goods and electrical appliances.

We really like the crafted process to her work, and hope to see more designers consider this analogue, often humorous approach to data visualisations and illustrations. Sarah Illenberger's new book will be published by Gestalten in September 2011.