Say goodbye to endless browsing with Prizm, the music system that automatically plays the songs you love.

The Internet of Things (IoT) may not being taking off in the way many predicted, but that doesn’t mean that IoT technology is redundant, far from it. IoT, if done right, can completely streamline its users life.

Take Prizm, for example. Recently exhibited at CES, Prizm is a music player and then some. The device, which can be plugged into any speakers, uses algorithms to intuitively play music depending on the taste of the person, or persons, in the room.

Connected to WiFi, Prizm detects who is in the room via their smartphone. From there it accesses their music streaming accounts. (like Soundcloud and Spotify), establishes their music preferences and plays the songs it knows they'll like.

It even adapts its choice based on the context, like time of day or event (dinner, party, etc). If you hear something you especially like, you click Prizm’s heart button and the song is added directly into your Deezer or SoundCloud playlist. The more you listen and interact with your Prizm, the more finely tuned to your music taste it becomes.  

Prism is taking the hassle out of finding something to listen to and, if done successfully, is IoT at its best.

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