New app, Perspecs, provides three different sides to each news story.

The idea that news media is unbiased has gradually been debunked. Nowadays it's common knowledge that each channel, newspaper or website has an agenda. Intending to provide a more balanced approach to reporting is Perspecs, a news aggregation app, that provides three differing viewpoints on one news story.

How those viewpoints are categorised varies. For political stories this could be in the form of 'left', 'background', 'right'. Or for review items the categories could be 'negative', 'neutral', ‘positive'. The stories are gathered from around the world with publishers such as the Daily Mirror, the BBC, Russia Today, CNN and the New York Times.

For example, one selection of articles focuses on the question ‘does ethical trade exist?’ The response is broken down into three viewpoints: no, progress and yes.

Curation is key for millennials. With an overabundance of content they’re looking for ways to cut down their information intake to the essentials, without reducing the educational merit of what they’re reading. By combining curation with a nuanced and thorough coverage, Perspecs answers two needs in one.