The resurgence of people placing greater importance in their own wellbeing comes in many forms, from the rise in juice bars to the wave of redesigned gyms and health centres, (all of which you can read about and download in our Health Report). With this renewed interest in all aspects of health, it was only a matter of time before a publication that looked at the whole package, like fitness, mental wellbeing, diets and more, came along. Nourished Journal is a new, bi-annual magazine produced by Made Publishers that takes a very holistic approach to the topic of wellbeing.

Featuring a diverse mix of features, from interviews to recipes, the magazine looks at wellbeing in all its forms, with articles on travel, beauty and more. As well as being another independent publication that's suggests print media still has a lot of life left in it yet, it's also interesting to see a further example of a health-related project that places a heavy emphasis on design and implies that wellbeing and style are becoming closer than ever.