As wearable technology continues to flourish, a team in Tokyo has created a head-mounted camera that monitors brainwaves, and automatically starts recording when it senses that the wearer has become interested in something.

Developed by Neurowearand backed by Japanese ad agency Dentsu, the gadget is reminiscent of Google Glass, but takes interaction to another level with a headset that monitors electrical activity in the brain. When the user sees something exciting, the spike in brain activity automatically triggers a smartphone camera, harnessed to the headset, to begin recording a five-second clip, which can then be shared on social networks or viewed at a later date.

The team behind the technology believe the experiment has the power to challenge the way humans interact with future cameras, and allows human emotions to become integrated with these devices. They’ve also got various plans for developing the prototype such as filters to reflect the wearer’s emotions at the time of recording, and making the device smaller, more comfortable and more fashionable to wear.