Japanese designer nendo has shifted the focus on chocolate from taste to touch with chocolatexture. We often hear chocolate referred to as a superfood, responsible for increasing our serotonin levels, or as a sinful treat that needs to be banned from our diets. In the difficult quest of the truth between these polar opposites, the chocolate conversation just got more interesting as it's now not only a matter of macronutrients and flavours, but a business of textures and surfaces to experience.

The bar is made out of 12 squares, each of them designed with a different texture conceived to create a different sensation for our tastebuds. The chocolate bar is available in five different flavours including matcha, and the pattern across the decadent squares varies from checks, zigzag and lines to dots, stripes and waves. The designer wanted the raw ingredients to be the same for all bars, (with the exception of the added flavours), to prove how the texture can induce different reactions and sensations even when tasting the same food.