Murmur is an interactive installation that marries physical and virtual reality by turning sounds into visuals. The device encourages visitors to speak into a luminous funnel and then follow their whispers as they hit a specific point on a wall. Upon impact the light pulses, and the words transform into a graphic animation.

โ€There is a magical effect, a mystery in the way that sound waves move. Murmur focuses on this movement, thus creating an unconventional dialogue between the public and the wall.โ€

To create this installation Chevalvert ย (who also helped design L-Ink) teamed up with 2Roqs, Polygraphik and Splank. For programming they used openFrameworks on Raspberry Pi. Murmur debuted on the 25th of May at Nuit Numรฉrique #10 at the Saint-Exupรฉry Cultural Centre in Reims, France.