A new cultural website for everyday gay men, not defined by their sexuality โ€œFellow Resident was born out of a personal frustration at the lack of relevant online gay content that appealed to me and my interests, too often favouring stories of hedonism and flamboyance over those of creativity and success,โ€ says Fellow Residentโ€™s founder Joe Perry.

โ€œOur content respectfully looks beyond these sensational stereotypes and instead celebrates the progressive pioneers, the humble trailblazers and those challenging perceptions, to expose a more authentic image of what it means to be gay today.โ€
The website is split into two sections. The interviews section introduces readers to lesser-known gay creativeโ€™s from around the world; London-based artist Andrew Salgado discusses challenging the evolution of the masculine form, New Orleans food blogger Beau Ciolino talks about growing up gay in the deep south while Dutch design studio Formafantasma talk about their relationship with their Italian heritage.

Elsewhere on the site, the team curate a must-read section of stories theyโ€™re loving from around the web. The gay community is upping its creative output often targeting those who feel misrepresented by mainstream culture. Mouthfeel is a new zine combining food and gay culture with a peppering of punk attitude on the side.