Like something out of an alchemist's dream, KIHOU is a bowl of bubbling liquid gold. Created by tangent, a design studio based in London and Toyko, KIHOU is an indirect lighting system using two kinds of liquid and air bubbles.

To create the illusion of oozing, golden light, a ceramic cube is filled with a transparent viscous liquid and a thin layer of black silicone oil is floated on top. LED-lights illuminate the transparent liquid and a small fan pumps air through the bottom of the vessel, forcing the liquid ย through the black silicone layer and resulting in โ€œgoldenโ€ bubble popping up on the surface. KIHOU can be applied to a larger size vessel, the result looking akin to a witchesโ€™ cauldron with dozens of bright orbs breaking through the blackness.

Engaging all senses with rhythmic pulsations, a dynamic contrast of light and dark, and unexpected crackling and popping sounds, KIHOU is mesmerizing. According to tangent founders Hideki Yoshimoto and Yoshinaka, โ€œthese elements breath life into this small cube and sublimate it into a produce that people could feel affinity and sympathise with.โ€