It's easy to ignore an unprompted message or mute an inconvenient phone call, but unwanted, real-life encounters can be a little trickier to avoid. Now there's a new piece of wearable tech that helps you escape awkward social situations.
JWT Singapore's Guardian Angel is a discreet bit of wearable tech that, when activated, sends a dummy phone call to your mobile - giving the wearer the opportunity to make excuses, "take" the call and leave the situation. Disguised as a typical piece of jewellery, it can either be worn as a necklace or as a bracelet, and is available to buy now for $120, while the accompanying iOS 7 app is free.
The original concept for Guardian Angel was to help women deal with unwanted male attention, where using the device also sends an alert to family and friends, as well as the location of the wearer.
That wearables could signal ways tech can set us free from communication rather than facilitate it is an intriguing notion, a sentiment we've seen shared in anti-social apps like Cloak.