Cross-over seems to be the way to go these days - and not only between industries or disciplines, but spaces as well. After the No Sweat! office furniture set that converts into exercise equipment, here's a great alternative to a hotel stay: the Fold Inn is a portable box that unfolds into a comfortable bedroom. Similar to Hotello, although much easier to carry around, this bed-to-go is designed especially for the traveling businessman and the flex worker on a brief trip away from home. The bed can be set up as a private room within larger, vacant spaces within a few seconds. In order to improve its mobility, The Fold Inn fits in a standard elevator and while folded, saves space for workplaces, conferences and other work-related activities.

The project was conceived by young Dutch designers Lieke Jildou de Jong, Alei Verspoor and Aliki van der Kruijs, who apparently are already working on a foldable showerroom and study.