Biannual US food magazine, Brother, has launched its second issue - one that follows the journey of Charleston 'Clammer', Dave Belanger, from fishing through to the end product and everything in between.
A response to the hyper-commodified presentation of photography common among the food scene, Brother aims to thoroughly detail exactly where our food comes from and the people behind its production. Unlike the decadent food pornography flooding Instagram and the like, readers can expect high resolution shots of the unpalatable but necessary – like the gutting and skinning of poultry in the first issue – cutting away the alienation of animal to pre-packaged product.
In his introductory note, editor Ryan Smith writes: Β "When we started Brother it was all about food. We wanted to find out how the stuff on our dinner plates got there, wanted to think about food as something other than a commodity. But after our first issue, about Brandon Chonko’s Grassroots Farms, we realized it’s hard to just talk about food. You always end up talking about people, too.
Although this issue isn't as blood-splattered as the first, the magazine promises to detail the "insane amount of hard work, patience and persistence" involved in creating this delicate food, and joins publications like Swallow and Cereal Magazine.
Brother is available to preview, or subscribe to here.