San Francisco start-up Aether promises to produce 'thinking' technology that actively responds to the user. The Aether Cone speaker, the company's first product, wirelessly synchronises with your iOS and Mac as well as streaming from podcasts and internet radio.  

Instead of overly complicated button panels, the Aether Cone takes a minimalist approach - spin the dial for a change or if you like what you're hearing, leave the Cone as it is for more similar music. If you have something specific in mind, speak into the dial and voice recognition technology does the rest. The end result should be a highly personalised yet simple user experience.
It weighs in at just 2.9 lbs and launches in a black/copper design with more colour combinations to come later this year. The Cone packs a 3" woofer plus dual tweeter design and a fully digital 20w audio amplifier.
While the Aether Cone determines what you like individually, we've seen other interesting takes on streaming lately: Beats Music bills itself as able to play music relevant to your space, location and situation. Chune meanwhile is a minimally designed sound system that lets users share playlists with a single touch.