I’ve been thinking a lot about the old internet recently. You know, the one from the 00’s. When you coded your own website, your limited bandwidth positively challenged your creativity,  and you knew most of the people in the various forums you hung out it.

It appears I’m not alone in my nostalgia — look at what Sari is doing with Sublime, Tyler with Perfectly Imperfect’s PI.FYI, Seed Club’s Internet Explorers, books on LAN parties, and MSCHF’s ASCII Theatre. What does this mean? Who knows, but it might be something to do with our human need of familiarity, comfort and safety as a response to what’s happening around the world right now. Either way, it’s got me percolating on the idea that we should reintroduce some of the Protein OS designs from a while back (shoutout to anyone who remembers this):

Protein OS from 9th March 2004

Anyway, it’s been 6 months since the last Supplement, so here’s a few things you might have missed: we closed our Discord, opened a new Protein Studios in the English countryside, released a Future Creatives report with D&AD, and recorded podcasts with Nearfield and Sam Walton from Hole & Corner. January is finally behind us and Pluto is in Aquarius, so let’s get on with the links shall we?

Will x

P.S. We’re trying a new format for the links this month, so please let us know what you think.


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