Yep, we turn 25 this month.

The Protein Supplement has always marked the beginning of the Protein story. Sent to 17 people on the 17th of September 1997, it aimed to distil what’s happening at the intersection of culture and technology (still our two loves) into a concise and accessible digest. Not a lot has really changed since then, other than the ASCII formatting, our added focus on Good Growth, and we now have a few more readers.

Instead of cramming this issue with our favourite moments, we’re going to be announcing a series of celebrations over the next few months … starting with a party for all our members at Protein Studios in Shoreditch✨ So, be sure to follow our Twitter and Insta for updates, and if haven’t already:

In Community news, we’ve just successfully wrapped up Season 3 and now going into a two-week Intermission to prepare for what already feels like an eventful Season 4. And following our roundtables and research process, we’ve finished v1 of the Good Growth Playbook, so would love to get your feedback before we launch it into the world 💚

OK, let’s get on with the links …


We give 200 $PRTN for any link that makes the Protein Supplement. So, a big shoutout to the following folks, we’ll be in touch shortly to sort your tokens:

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Until next month, your friends at Protein 💚


Protein is a place where people and ideas grow 🌱 We do this through our global community, agency, and studio space. We believe we’ve all got a responsibility to think and act bigger than ourselves and that good growth can only be achieved by balancing progress, profit, and purpose.

Yes, we really have published 695 issues of this newsletter. As already mentioned above, the first Protein Supplement was sent on 17th September 1997 to 14 people and (other than a few breaks over the years) has always aimed to distil what’s happening at the intersection of culture and technology into a concise and accessible digest. If you’re interested in digging into the (incomplete) archive, you can here.

You can also find us on Discord, Mirror, Twitter, and Insta. We always like to hear from you and how we can improve what we do, so if you want to get in touch about anything, please use this form.