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We're excited to read your application and welcome you into the community! In case you were wondering what criteria we use to bring people in, we've listed it below.

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Alignment with good growth

The most important factor to us is that you are aligned in our mission for a better future for people and communities... something we sum up in our good growth framework. We will look to see this demonstrated via your answers, social presence and/or your work...


Prioritising femmes, non-binary, queer, gender nonconforming, and BIPOC members.
We don't want to replicate problems of underrepresentation from IRL and Web2 into Web3; we believe that the richest, most important and necessary ideas come from equally intersectional groups of people. We're looking for people who bring and welcome a fluid exchange of different perspectives and ideas, ready to listen with an open heart and mind.

Skills to create

Artists, filmmakers, activists, community leaders, event promoters, writers, curator, musicians... We are all about the creative energy and want to know what gets this part of your brain ticking, if you are this way inclined. Do you enjoy creating? What kind of creativity inspires you? Are you part of any creative communities? Why is creativity important to you?

High interest in DAOs

An interest in and passion for DAOs, specifically from a human perspective and the positive change they can bring to communities. Knowledge of any other DAOs. Desire to spend time in and contribute to DAOs.

Desire to learn &Β grow

You might be an expert, but you don't need to be! There's lots of education and instructions to help ease you into web3 within the Protein Community, however, some basic understanding of the Web3 space helps. Having an ETH address is a requirement (instructions on how to get one are in the application). At this point we just want to know that you'll be at least a little bit prepared for what's to come in the Community πŸ’œ

ready to build

Developers, engineers, designers, copywriters, creators, project managers... We're always looking for people with technical skills to join the Community to help us bring ideas to life. We'd love to know if you have any of these skills which you'd like to bring into the Community.

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