Your Line or Mine is the newest installation at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam by Dutch design studio Moniker. An ongoing series of crowd sourced animations, the project is an interactive installation that invites members of the public to collaborate with one another creating moving animations, frame by frame. To date, 9,498 people have contributed to the animations, and with 6 months left to finish the project, it is likely many more will join.

The instructions are simple. Complete a dot to dot drawing and scan the picture into the server. Project founder Laura Maurer comments "we are interested in collaborating with our users. We treat our participative projects a little like a choir: it is about what the group does together. We prepare the score, the installation acts as the conductor and we only find out how the group does when we go live"

A true collaboration between maker and consumer, Your Line or Mine is reminiscent of Bread from Scratch, which sawMirko Ihrig design and provide all the tools necessary for make a loaf of bread from scratch. Through the provisions of technology and the internet, crowd sourcing is becoming an increasingly practical pursuit which often leads to interesting and surprising results.