Spain’s The Electric Mobility Company has revealed its beautifully designed Xkuty One: the first electric bike in the world to boast full iPhone integration. Using the iPhone as its dashboard, a free app connects the bike to the phone, in turn allowing the rider to switch the bike on and off remotely, as well as adjust various settings such as maximum speed, acceleration style and battery consumption.

Crucially, the Xkuty One can also detect whether its rider has had an accident by using the iPhone’s gyroscope. That being the case, the app automatically calls a predetermined emergency number, providing location details via GPS. Although this is already something we’ve seen offered in the automotive industry, the service provided by Xkuty One appears to be a first for electric bikes.

In the last year automotive manufacturers have been clambering to integrate smart phones into their cars. With The Electric Mobility Company now debuting the Xkuty One, expect more bike manufacturers to follow suit. For more on the bike, visit the Xkuty One website.