Ever made a mixtape and thought, ‘you know what, I could definitely be a radio dj’? Well, budding broadcasters, there’s now an app that can put you to the test.

The wahwah.fm mobile app, available for the iPhone in Germany and the US, lets you broadcast your personal music library to anyone in the world. It works by pulling together existing songs on your device into one long playlist. You then just hit the ‘play’ button and all the music is streamed in order to all your followers on the app’s network. Simple. The app also has a location-based feature that lets you tune in to people's playlists around you.

The app will certainly be a hit amongst budding radio DJs, but it also shows how the consumption of music has evolved to become a personalised activity – to the extent that individuals can even build their own means of broadcasting by using their mobile phone.

Download it for yourself in the iTunes app store.