Perhaps the biggest music event on the US calendar, Coachella, is sadly inaccessible to many. But thanks to Vine Wall from Tangible Interaction there is no need to miss out completely.
Vine Wall compiles every six second clip uploaded to Vine tagged #Coachella, creating an immersive festival overview by showcasing the footage on a live, unmonitored webpage. Each clip forms a moving collage covering every facet of the event, from the initial journey to the final moments. This mosaic effect is the next generation of Social Mosa, the act of displaying interactions through social media on large monitors at events to stimulate engagement.
As we witnessed last year through Tupac’s holographic resurrection, Coachella is no stranger to digital innovation. Interestingly Vine Wall is not officially affiliated with Vine or Coachella. According to the creators, this virtual festival experience is simply to illustrate how effective crowd-sourced content can be when covering live events.