As part of Shoreditch Fringe Festival, 'Traces' is taking over a disused Victorian pub close to Hoxton station and bringing it back to life with the smells, sounds and sights with which it was once filled.

If you're not fascinated by history, museums can seem a bit staid; but if you are, then perhaps you love discovering the stories behind their desultory contents. Understanding this, product and spatial designer, Donna Walker and set designer Talulah Mason have decided to resurrect an old Hackney pub to its former glory simultaneous to using the space as a platform for up-and-coming artists and designers.

To re-create its look and feel as authentically as possible, Walker and Mason conducted lots of intensive research and have drawn on the skills of individuals as far-reaching as smell and sound designers to taxidermists, ceramics artists and architects.

Traces looks to history, scandal, theatre and design to give the general public a fully immersive experience. In the lead-up to the opening, people can take part in a sort of 'murder mystery' affair whereby they sign up to receive clues as to who worked there and what went on.

Far more than a living history museum, Traces is a wonderfully experiential project that fosters cross-disciplinary collaboration in an unusual and exciting way. It encourages people to have a totally different experience with the space and its bespoke objects, and crucially gives new talent an opportunity to showcase and sell their work, which will all be available to buy on the night.

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