Artists are leaving no stone unturned in their search for original, talking-point release strategies. One sure fire way for an artist to get people’s attention is to release their music for free. Of course, this works better as a concept if the artist is of relative acclaim, and if the consumer has a choice in the acquisition (the music doesn’t just download automatically).

It also helps to give the free release some original spin; perhaps suggest downloaders donate what they think the record is worth, or perhaps make the download available from an unusual source.

Brooklyn producer Yung Gutted is releasing his latest EP as a free download exclusively via the file sharing service WeTransfer. Towers 2 is the final chapter of a trilogy of releases for London label, Earnest Endeavoursin collaboration with the Parisian design studio Groupe CCC.

By releasing the EP via WeTransfer, outside of the usual music channels but very much within the realm of the traditional download, the move sticks a finger up at the music industry’s predictable practices, whilst highlighting both the artist and label’s experimental values.