It seems clunky portable iPod docks have had their day, as a flurry of quirky, aesthetically pleasing and cleverly designed speakers hit the market. We’ve already looked at Mike Giles’ DIY Bluetooth speakers, allowing the user to create their own housing for the speaker kit, but a new offering from London designer Paul Cocksedge aims to restore your dusty speakers in the corner into the music maestro they once were.
Dubbed ‘The Vamp’, the nifty portable device does just that – vamps up your vintage audiowear and gives unused speakers a new lease of life. Not only that, it looks good too – shaped like a cube with a corner sliced off, the gizmo can be attached to the side of the speaker using a foam pad or a magnet that pairs with one inside, and comes in red, black or white.
The Vamp connects to the back of any speaker via a two-way jack or red and black speaker wires, and can stream music from Bluetooth devices within a ten metre range. The battery can be kept on charge via a USB port or mains electricity, and has a rechargeable life of over ten hours when not plugged in.
Available for the modest sum of £35 through a Kickstarter campaign lasting until the end of April, The Vamp looks set to be a hit.