Throughout this year we’ve seen a significant rise in do-it-yourself electronic design objects, for example, the Hack Your Espresso machine we looked at this week and the DIY Gamer Kit.  New York based littleBits, tech start-up pioneers in commercialising open source circuits of electronic modules, present The Synth Kit, designed to help the less savvy gadget tinkerers, or tech savvy musicians amongst us to build our own analogue synthesiser.

The mechanism of the Synth Kit  is simple: you create circuits with an open source library of electronic modules that snap together with magnets, so there's no need for soldering, programming or wiring. The kit, manufactured in collaboration with Korg, consists of a tiny circuit board, two oscillators, a synth speaker, a keyboard and a selection of other modules to bring your sound creations to life. Check out some sound samples here.