The internet is procrastination’s right hand man; as long as it’s in touching distance there’s always something better/easier to do than what you probably should be doing. A writer’s attention span is notoriously affected, and as long as the tool of his trade is a vessel for the World Wide Web, with its social media trappings, his output will likely be stunted.

The Hemingwrite is ‘a single purpose, distraction-free, writing composition device,’ every part the old-fashioned typewriter were it not for a few modern twists. It has a 6-week battery life, over 1 million page memory, highest quality mechanical keyboard switches and WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities allowing the Hewingwrite to sync with your favourite cloud apps like Evernote and Google Docs.

Despite tools like Momentum Writer and iA Writer doing their upmost to keep a writer’s thoughts on track, there’s a another level of productivity that comes from actually distancing oneself from the network.

In the same way that the typewriter of old was digitised to create the word processor and has now returned in the more tangible shape of Hemingwrite, our paper mail became e-mail and has recently been given a physical aspect in Brendan Dawes' Six Monkeys.