Starbucks have partnered with two community services to deliver dedicated on-site training to local young people in the Jamaica Queens neigbourhood of New York

With over 23,000 locations in 67 countries, the established ubiquity of Starbucks has made the company a byword for coffee.

From espresso shots and lattes to seasonal macchiatos, a willingness and ability to update their offerings has seen Starbucks firmly cemented as the first word for those who need their coffee in a hurry - even if "coffee" might be a stretch for what the finished product actually tastes like.

However, the omnipresence of Starbucks outlets can only add to the sense that, once in store, you're in the environs of a corporate global chain. In an attempt to revise this sentiment, big brands like Nike have prioritised consumer personalisation as a marketing strategy. By enacting their latest initiative, Starbucks are attempting something markedly similar.

Starbucks, in collaboration with Queens Community House, (a community serving not-for-profit), and YMCA’s Y Road Centre is creating specially designed spaces in-store that will offer on-site retail training and customer service workshops to teenagers and young adults. The communal outreach scheme will eventually roll out in 14 different locations across the US. The first of which will be situated in the Jamaica Queens Neighbourhood in New York.