Designed for those times when location is more important than who you are (and let’s face it, there are plenty of those), a new mobile app allows for completely anonymous geotagging.

SLIGHT, from artist-turned-app-developer Jon Nash, lets you leave nameless comments at your exact location without creating an account, signing up or logging in. Posts at specific locations are marked by pins, with all comments at that location grouped under that marker. As with every great social app, an up-voting system is in place, with comments appearing bigger or smaller on the map based on their popularity. Users receive notifications if someone is commenting close by - creating the potential for physical encounters.

Although anonymity is part of SLIGHT’s appeal, Nash believes the more important component is how it organises information by location instead of by social group. Rather than creating one network with millions of users, SLIGHT fosters many different networks which people can move through physically, making the process more fluid. The original inspiration for this digital geotagging concept came from a very physical act of marking territory: LA gangs tagging walls to claim their turf.

SLIGHT presents a simple means of connecting without the baggage that building a profile comes with, but it isn't the first to explore the idea. SHRTWV is another sharing app that lets users anonymously post messages to geotagged locations. The difference is that SHRTWV aims to create connections and build communities within small locales, whereas SLIGHT keeps things completely free and easy. A get in, get out kinda job.