Singles, a new independent publication, will publish content on its own terms.

In the quest to continually collate new and engaging content, something will inevitably be lost. A feeling of consideration and context is often sacrificed at the altar of instantaneous demand.

Many publications layer essentially well-crafted pieces on top of one another, impeding their ability to become singularly engaging stories. This is particularly true of fashion magazines.

In late 2014 Japanese bookseller Yoshiyuki Morioka established Morioka Shoten, a bookstore designed to combat the paralysis of choice by stocking multiple copies of just one title. The success of Morioka Shoten is proof that a desire to form an enduring relationship with just one volume is still relevant.

Singles, a new semi-regular fashion publication launched by editor, designer and publisher Suzy Wood (with accompanying photography from Claire Shilland and styling from Hanna Kelifa), appears to mirror aspects of this concept.

Singles eschews the conventions adhered to by its contemporaries by choosing instead to focus on one photo-story per issue. Applying a far freer, yet more considered lens to each subject. Basing itself round its tag line 'only ever one story', the content found in its pages will inhabit a space where it isn't being hemmed in by an agenda or external competition.

Magazines sharing progressive fashion photography are becoming overwhelmingly dense. They are incredible, wonderful objects, but there’s such an embarrassment of riches within each issue that even brilliant work can get buried. It’s harder to appreciate the individual acts of creativity among the noise.

Issue to issue, the style, tone and even shape of the magazine may alter making each copy of Singles a one-off. The only obligation being that the creative direction stays in line with the central story.

Singlesslower approach to publishing is the antithesis to a content chasing culture.