Absolut Vodka have teamed up with game changing theatre company Punchdrunk to create an art infused gaming app

To coincide with the launch of a new Warhol-inspired bottle of the same name, Absolut vodka have teamed up with theatre company Punchdrunk and digital agency Somethin' Else to create an interactive gaming app, Silverpoint. Exploring the realm of digital technology, the app celebrates the legacy of pop artist Andy Warhol, who established the first Absolut artist bottle - Absolut Warhol - back in 1986.

Stepping away from the world of physical performance and design installation, Punchdrunk have employed their immersive story telling experience to form the Silverpoint narrative. Using Warhol's blotted-line drawings as inspiration, the app takes players on a journey to discover the mysterious disappearance of a character called Chloe. Players gradually work through snippets of information released over a two week period, unlocking information as they go by solving puzzles.

"It's been refreshing to work with such an innovative brand as Absolut, which like Punchdrunk, seek to explore and pilot new ways to tell a story," says Felix Barrett, founder and artistic director of Punchdrunk. " This project allows us to build on previous experiments with mobile technology and game mechanics to explore the addictive nature of gaming to unlock a deeper narrative and personal experience."

For those who progress further into the game, Silverpoint unveils a range of live experiences, crossing the boundary between fantasy and reality, online and offline.

As this collaborative app proves, digital technology is playing a greater role across a range of industries. Clarks recently partnered with Whatsapp for their From Rats to Rudeboys project, again demonstrating how brands are taking novel marketing campaigns into the appmosphere.