Continuing the trend towards merging the physical and digital world, Italian sunglasses maestros Retrosuperfuturehave opened a phy-gital store, which cleverly combines sleek woodwork and clandestine digital offerings.

It’s the brands first US store, and lives up to its namesake with interiors that are both retro and futuristic, in a minimalist, industrial space with exposed brick and wooden display cases. But what distinguishes it from your average on-trend and much-hyped store, are the hidden iPads, carefully encased in the store’s beautifully crafted drawers, which enable customers to scroll through the brand’s stock.

Whilst phy-gital stores aren’t a completely new idea, it’s the way Retrosuperfuture allows shoppers the choice of whether to interact with its hidden digital treasures that sets it apart from others. Brands are increasingly paying attention to customer’s needs for physical and digital interaction - Marc Jacobs Tweet Store was another clever example of digital retail making a real stamp on the high street.