Dynamic London design studio Quarterre has officially launched its first range of Bike furniture. Exhibiting at the Look Mum No Hands space in tandem with the London Design Festival, the exhibit runs to the 25th of the month. The show features a range of sculpted bike storage solutions that supplement and support life on two wheels in the city. The pieces are each expertly built combining the passion of each of the four designers for cycles as their multi-disciplinary design ethics have created a unique set of furnishings. Three pieces make up the first collection: Branchline, Shadow and Hood. Branchline provides holdings for up to two bikes but can be inverted to provide space for hanging equipment whilst Shadow is sculpted from a single sheet of folded steel and can be accommodates most wheel sizes. And Hood is wall mounted and provides a hanging lip to hold the bike up, both protecting it and offering a shelving unit to hold helmets as it supports the frame. Each is built in the UK and have a premium feel having been made from a range of high quality materials and are hand finished with leather details. The ergonomic design of each of the furniture pieces combines style, simplicity and functionality.   Offering an excellent range of products within a burgeoning field, the exhibit is a must for all cycle enthusiasts.