Sports brand Puma has launched its latest Puma Social Club pop-up bar in Sao Paulo as part of its global After-Hours Athlete campaign.

The project - already popped up in London, NYC, Paris and Singapore – is a leisure space that provides ping pong, table football, darts and other casual games and sports. There's also a series of competitions called ‘Athletes of the Night League', where friends can compete against each other in teams. People can register their team at Puma Social Club’s Facebook page, creating name, logo and battle cry. Winning teams are awarded with the brand's products and, at the end of the year, a trip to London.

The bar also has trophies to specific kinds of visitors, such as offline badges. For instance, the Highlander Trophy, is given to the competitors who have been on a winning streak in the bar for two weeks.

The idea to create a local space for the community to spend their time is a great way for a brand to connect to a local community. The pop-up bar ends on December 23rd 2011.