An exhibition by Vectors, Design Beyond Making is an excursion into resource discovery, material development, and process innovation. Being faced with a challenging outlook on our environmental and economic future, a new breed of designers begin to call into question traditional notions in design development and production processes. Looking to science and technology to innovate materials and processes, finding new sustainable ways of making or (re)discovering plentiful resources, these designers are offering thought-provoking scenarios that open up discussions.

Exhibiting in this show: Ann-Kristin Abel, Amy Congdon and J.J. Hastings, Lauren Davies, Paul Ferragut, Emilie F. Grenier, Jeongwon Ji, Lorenzo Oggiano and Miriam Ribul.

Design beyond Making is endorsed by Protein and will take place at our concept space 18 Hewett Street from the 1st – 10th of November.

The private view is open to the public and is this Thursday 31st Oct from 7 - 9pm.
18 Hewett Street
London EC2A 3NN