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In our exclusive Travel Report we explore the recent developments, be they technological, cultural or economical, that have drastically altered how the millennial generation gets away from it all. Features include an examination into the new tribes of travellers that are emerging, as well as an article on how hotels are shifting their focus from merely being accommodation for travellers, to becoming their cultural guides.
As well as this we have the usual dose of exciting, disruptive ideas from all across the creative industry. We speak to Telfar Clemens, the New York designer who’s not afraid to have a little fun with the fashion industry, as well as Studio Études, the Parisian polymath creative agency with a wildly diverse skill set. We also travel to Leipzig, the city widely heralded as the challenger to Berlin’s crown as the country’s cultural capital, to see what all the fuss is about.

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Correction: In the article looking at the work by Unknown Fields Division, co-founder Kate Davies' name is incorrectly spelt. We'd like to apologise to her for this oversight on our part.