It’s uncertain how we’ll be shopping in five, ten, fifteen years from now, but one thing is clear: shopping tomorrow will not be what it is today. To explore this further, last Wednesday we brought together four innovators of the industry for a Protein Forum on the Future of Retail, hosted in New York's Projective Space.
First up was Rachel Shechtman, founder of Story, who discussed her concept store that completely overhauls its stock and appearance based on a rotating series of themes. Maxine Bedat, co-founder of ethically minded fashion retailer Zady shared her vision and inspiration behind her e-commerce platform that aims to preserve and promote traditional methods of clothes production. Gala Magrina, CEO and creative director of M Crown Productions, a retail design agency creating innovative and immersive spaces for brands, showcased her latest project for Lacoste. And finally Jared Schiffman, CEO of Perch, talked us through his revolutionary interactive technology that brings a layer of dynamic digital content to the physical retail environment.
After the presentations, a panel discussion with some thought-provoking questions from the audience created an inspiring dialogue about the future retail environment.  We even had our very own showcase of the future of retail in action, courtesy of Perch's interactive stations.Check out the photos below and sign up to our supplement to find out about upcoming UK and US forums over the next few months.