Fashion, performance, code and media collide in an interactive fashion film exhibition hosted by POSTmatter, a design publication dedicated to projects that meld the physical and digital.

Founded by art director Remi Paringaux, the platform started life as an iPad-only magazine in 2010 designed to create interactive and responsive content for fashion, maximising the intuitive, gesture-based viewing experience.

These experiments have evolved into an upscaled rich media experience in the form of POSTexhibition, celebrating the art of code in a desanctified renaissance church in Milan. A tactile editorial imagining of couture, three especially curated films - Echo, Gravity and Ripple - are at the heart of the show, utilising HD screens, infrared sensors and motion-tracking, enabling the content to react to the movement of gallery visitors. 'Gravity', for instance, shatters the model into geometric patterns as visitors walk past, restoring them as they move back out of range. 'Echo' encourages visitors to morph visuals into a colourful kaleidoscopic blur with a wave of the hand.

Fashion is once again pioneering digital media experiences, as we have previously seen with the likes of Barnaby Roper's Future Catwalk and the very literal The Alices (Walking).