New York-based label PLAY THE BONES set out to elevate the standard we expect of basics, leading by example. After encountering a unique 100% cotton fabric sweatshirt, founder Shane Malach set out on a mission to create a line of garments that exuded both premium quality and simplicity, in turn redefining luxury.

After visiting numerous showrooms on a quest to source a fabric of equal quality, Malach was surprised to discover how difficult it was to find a simple fabric with such a sumptuous feel. He decided to create the sweatshirt himself, and the result is PLAY THE BONES. Each season, PTB offers a limited run of premium sweatshirts, maintaining a commitment to small-scale production, premium fabric sourcing and first-rate manufacturing.

The label launches this week with a four-piece capsule collection of exclusively tailored, Japanese milled crewnecks arriving in four colours. The design is a nod to the symbiotic construction of human bodies and the clothing we wear, and is indicative of a consumers need and desire for quality, even in the most basic of garments.

Visit the PLAY THE BONES website for more information and to get your hands on one of your own.